Although federal law allows the dissemination of unsolicited bulk email under certain, tightly regulated conditions, we have elected to impose a stricter, total spam ban policy, for all affiliates and promoters of our websites. This means affiliates and promoters are prohibited from engaging in any bulk email promotions on behalf of this website, regardless of how the recipient email addresses are acquired, generated or obtained. This also means that use of opt-in, double opt-in, or any form of email address recipient list is likewise prohibited, regardless of whether such activities are otherwise permitted by state or federal law.

Any violation of this strict Anti-Spam Policy will be grounds for immediate termination and forfeiture of all unpaid commissions or entitlement thereto. This website reserves the right to audit and investigate compliance with the Anti-Spam Policy at any time, with or without notice.

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In the field below, please paste the entire source code of the spam you received. For Outlook Express, this can be done by following these steps:

  1. open the email message
  2. Click on File at the top of your email client
  3. When the drop down menu appears, click on Properties
  4. A Pop-up window will appear with two tabs at the top, choose Details
  5. At the bottom of the details windo, click on the Message Source Button
  6. In the message source pop-up, right click and choose Select All from the meny that appears
  7. Right Click again and choose Copy
  8. Come back to this page and right click in the field below and choose Paste

If you are unable to copy the source code of the email please at least copy the link that is directing people to the website, this can be accomplished by right clicking on the link, or linked image, and choosing Copy Shortcut, then right clicking in the field above and choosing paste.

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Remember, we can only determine who is sending out these emails if you provide us with the correct information. So, for a timely and satisfactory resolution, please try to be as complete and accurate with respect to the information you provide.